Very late winner announcements

I am so behind in all things blogging. Life can sure get the better of you (as can a slipped disc – twice) but I feel horrible and unreliable as far as reviews, announcing giveaway winners and just generally being part of the “scene”.  So, in hopes of starting down the road in making up […]


Firefly Rain – Review/Tour

Jacob Logan is at a crossroads with his life in Boston. Hoping to find a sense of direction, he returns to his small, rural hometown in North Carolina to take up residence in his childhood home years after his parents deaths.  He is alone in an isolated house but this is exactly what he needs… […]


Jane Slayre – Review/Tour

This is where Buffy learned her moves. Jane Slayre comes from a family of slayers but has been raised by her aunt, who just happens to be a vampire. The cousins, vampires. Lucky for Jane, her family considers her a commoner whose blood may be tainted and therefore is not worthy of a good blood-sucking.  […]


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