Reading buddies!!!

So, I had mentioned that I needed a new booklight because I love to read on the patio at night but do not want to attract the giant bugs by keeping the porch light on and my trusy old Itty Bitty Book Light broke.  I did end up ordering a super little light…
mighty bright book light

Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 Clip-on LED Light, Blue 40521

I also have some super reading buddies.  They follow wherever I may decide to hunker down with my current escape and usually snooze since I am not very exciting when caught up in a good read!  There are times that my buds declare anarchy and try to eliminate the horrible object that is monopolizing all of my attention.  I have had to chase down my books more times than I can remember and there are quite a few that have been autographed with teeth marks but heck, they are my buds!!!!

Mikey (left) the main book thief and Maisie a very willing accomplice!!!

mikeyclose maisiewaterdrop mikeymaisieingrass

Charkie (left) and Lily (and yes, this is a normal expression for Miss Grump) who are definitely not lap cats unless I have a book in my hands!

charkysidelook lily grumpy

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