Perfect Timing – Review


Perfect Timing by Jill Mansell is chick lit done right! Poppy Dunbar meets the man of her dreams the day before her wedding. The chance encounter is the catalyst needed to call off her wedding and embark on an adventure in London with hopes of finding Mr. Right again. Of course, she meets an array of delightful and quirky characters along the way. Her room mates Caspar (the terribly popular and successful artist) and Claudia (well-to-do but never happy with anything or anyone), her boss Jake (handsome yet could give a hoot about appearances or status) and the outrageous couple Rita and Alex (who just may be her father?).

It was such fun to tag along for the ride as these seemingly mismatched group of individuals live a roller coaster existence. Poppy was a joy to get to know. Sometimes a little over the top (she could have been nick named positive Polly) yet it works. Each character is so entertaining and written with such sparkle and wit. The interaction and meddling with each had just enough realism without losing any of the fun. Even those folks that were only mentioned in page left a mark due to short but witty descriptions. These quick meetings with others added that sensation of reading someone’s diary where every detail of a night out, no matter how small, is noted because it is important to create a complete picture of the situation.

Does Claudia run into Mr. Right? Will Claudia ever be happy? Will Caspar ever settle down? Is Max the father Poppy never knew? And poor dowdy Jake, will he ever come out of his shell? I could not wait to see what Ms. Mansell had in mind for everyone!

You can find information on the author and her other books at her website and also follow her on Twitter. Looking for another review and/or interview, check out My Friend Amy, Diary of an Eccentric and Bloody Bad Book Blog.

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