Sign Off (Caught Dead in Wyoming, Book 1) by Patricia McLinn

Sign Off (Caught Dead in Wyoming, Book 1)

By Patricia McLinn

  • Publication Date: 2015-07-03
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 268 Ratings)

Book Summary

Divorce a husband, lose a career …grapple with a murder.

TV journalist Elizabeth “E.M.” Danniher will tell you she committed two sins — she didn’t stay young, and she made an enemy of a powerful news executive — her ex. She used to break national news. Now her top story as the “Helping Out!” reporter at dinky KWMT-TV in Sherman, Wyoming is getting a defective toaster repaired. 

Tough, funny and determined, Elizabeth wrestles with isolation, keeping a professional edge, and an evolving self-image. Is Wyoming — the land of cattle, cowboys, tumbleweeds, and fewer than six people per square mile — her new home or a road to permanent obscurity?

Soon she’s in a battle of wills with ex-football player turned journalist Mike Paycik, who sees her as a handy rung on his career ladder. And there’s the matter of a deputy sheriff—missing or murdered? Elizabeth finds herself investigating at the insistence of a girl who’s set on proving her father’s innocence. Not that enigmatic rancher Thomas Burrell makes investigating easy.

But Elizabeth won’t fade to black without a fight, no matter how final some might want to make her Sign Off. 

Don’t miss any of Elizabeth’s other Caught Dead in Wyoming adventures in: 
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What people are saying about Sign Off:

“This is one of those books that you want to stop everything to read while hoping it never ends.
“Sign Off is a brisk, enthralling page-turner” – P.B. Ryan, bestselling author
“Colorful characters, intriguing, intelligent mystery, plus the state of Wyoming leaping off every page.” – Emilie Richards, USA Today bestselling author
That was fun.”
“Be prepared for lots of twist and turns.”
I read it in one sitting. I hadn't planned it that way, but just couldn't stop.”
“The characters were a mix of funny, sad, and quirky and were totally believable. There was just enough humor to lighten the story, but not to disrespect the seriousness of crime.”

What readers are saying about the Caught Dead in Wyoming series:
“McLinn's mysteries set in Wyoming are addictive. The writing is excellent, the twists and turns keep the brain engaged, and Elizabeth's wry commentary keeps a smile on my face.”
“She writes a little like Janet Evanovich only better.”
“E.M.’s internal monologues are sharp, snappy and often hilarious.”
"A terrific series with a western flair.  . . . Great characters that you would want as your friends. Smart, funny, but not perfect."

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Latest Reviews

  • Sign Off

    By LittleLizzie15!
    Sign Off (Caught Dead in Wy, Book 1) was an entertaining read. There was plenty of suspense and humor making it hard to put down. The characters were believable and interesting. I have enjoyed Wyoming novels about horses, game wardens, and sheriffs. Now a small town TV station is bringing a new perspective to crime solving. I can tell the author has some knowledge about Wyoming including the beautiful sunrises and sunsets and of course the wind. I look forward to many more hours of entertaining reading of Wyoming style catching the bad guys or gals.
  • Fooled!

    By Aunt Chi Chi
    I had 2 books to read & I thought, I’ve never heard of this author, but I love modern Westerns! So here I am 2 days later writing a review. As I just said, 2 days later, I’m hurrying this review so I can start the next book in this series. Not an easy read because of the twists & turns of the investigation, but also the numerous characters you have to keep track of in each chapter. I was fooled right down to the end! No I won’t say, “Who Done It!!” That’s for you to figure out!
  • Sign Off

    By photobyjb
    What a combination; romance - almost and with whom, mystery, some exciting action. That covers a lot of genres and well done. I got this book as a freebie and it lingered in my overstocked list of books to read. I am glad I finally read it. It is genuinely entertaining.
  • Awesome book

    By Angel of mine 7
    I normally stay within one genre but as I’ve been trying to broaden my writing style I decided to read a mystery. I couldn’t put it down. Absolutely loved it. Thank you!
  • GREAT story

    By Den534
    I don’t usually read murder mysteries, but am so glad I picked this one up. Great characters, detailed plot, not easy to figure out ahead of time. Definitely a “fun read”. I’ll be looking for more from this author.
  • Good book

    By nyedog
    I read the last 400 or so pages in an afternoon, an enjoyable read without the all too common lazy expository ending. Like Evanovich’s stephanie plum series in quality of story and writing, but without the sex
  • CaughtDead inWyoming

    By SonjaSB
    Okay, it was a little town in Wyoming and the title hooked me. It lost me during the buildup but I continued to tough it out. I thought I would enjoy the results and the ending. I'm truly lost. Not my kind of reading I suppose. Who was on her doorstep and kissed her? Sonja Stover Bracey
  • Great Read!

    By bwalt17
    I absolutely loved this book....murder, mystery with just a hint of romance. Great characters with lots of depth. I can't wait to read another book in this series. Bravo Ms. McLin, bravo!!
  • Great book & brilliant writing

    By Lisaj08540
    The story was terrific with twists and turns. I truly enjoy this authors quick-witted and clever writing style. Looking forward to reading more books!
  • Sign Off (Caught Dead in Wyoming)

    By skewedup
    Ms McLinn’s ability to plot a story is excellent. Her characters are hilarious. I admit I got a free copy, but I will buy the others in this series.