Blood and Illusion by Ann Gimpel

Blood and Illusion

By Ann Gimpel

  • Publication Date: 2016-08-17
  • Genre: Paranormal

Book Summary

Dark, dangerous, magical men who live to annihilate evil.

Not all witches join the Coven. Fiercely independent, Isla heads up her own small band in the San Francisco area. She’s never needed help before, but dark sorcerers drive her and her group into hiding, trapping them.

Sam’s worked for the Coven as one of their enforcers forever. He’s been there so long, the Coven is the only mistress he knows. It’s a lonely life on the road thwarting wickedness and Black Magick with his guns, his magic, and his horse, but it’s been enough to satisfy him. Until now.

A group of witches is in deep trouble. They’re not part of the Coven, but Sam is sworn to protect all witches and he rides to their assistance with several of his brothers. Nothing prepares him for the outspoken spitfire who ends up riding double with him. She’s forthright, opinionated, and downright hostile, but he’s drawn to her self-sufficiency—and her undeniable beauty. Soon, Isla is all he can think about.

Dark forces are on the move. Protecting the woman he’s falling in love with is at the very top of Sam’s list. If they manage to survive, he’ll tame her. Claim her. Make her his.

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Latest Reviews

  • Great Ending to Series

    By susu707
    This is the third and final book in the Coven Enforcers series. All three series books have been released so you don't have to wait for the next book to keep reading. While Blood and Illusion can be read as a standalone, I encourage you to read the first two books before this one. As the final book in the series, there isn't a cliffhanger. There is violence. The sex is hot and steamy so definitely 18+. The book blurb adequately describes the storyline so I'm not going to repeat that info here. This is a story of good magic versus dark magic. The author did a great job of explaining the battle they were fighting while they tried to join up with the rest of the Coven. The storyline will keep you guessing what twists and turns will be revealed next, and what other nasty things the Dark would throw at them. It definitely kept me riveted. There definitely were some surprises revealed in this book, especially for those of us who have read some of Ann Gimpel's other series. I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.