Flute by John Williams


By John Williams

  • Publication Date: 2017-02-10
  • Genre: Sci-Fi

Book Summary

Gail, a fairy, is haunted by a prophetic dream that predicts in six year's time, her son, Alan, will disappear in the desert outside the fairy Golden City while under her own supervision, not understanding fate has its own momentum, Alan's great adventure and his quest to find his errant human father must come. Alan's unique ability to use his flute to express his soul is a gift, a Pandora's box, something that has the power not only to shape his character, but to draw others in like the spiral vortex of a vagrant galaxy. Thus he begins his journery to Caravan,the legendary fairy floating city, where he realises his fondest dream; to pilot a pursuit fighter on the tail of a bandit. But a star fighter pilot's life is not an easy one; a lost civilisation, rouge whales and savages give him and his Elf compantion a fast and dangerous ride.

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