LAST GASP by Robert F Barker


By Robert F Barker

  • Publication Date: 2017-08-29
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 57 Ratings)

Book Summary

“A fabulous debut novel…” (a Verified Amazon Purchaser – 5*)

The last time DCI Jamie Carver involved a would-be victim in his hunt for a serial killer, it ended badly Now they want him to do it again, only this time the 'victim' is, a dominatrix.

As if he hasn't enough on his plate.
- A brutal killer poised to strike again. 
- Shadows of the past that still haunt his dreams. 
- An investigation under mounting pressure to succeed. 
- A beautiful woman whose bizarre lifestyle may be the key to finding the killer.
- Not to mention the young girl whose life he's trying to save from ruin, OR the ambitious colleague scheming to bring him down and take his place.

As the kill-count mounts, signs point to a link with the case that established Carver’s serial-killer-busting reputation, but could also still ruin it – that of the Escort Killer, Edmund Hart. But Hart is dead, having hung himself in prison, so how can that be? This is just one of the mysteries Carver must solve, and when the killer strikes at the heart of the investigation, he knows that to protect those closest, he must confront what he most fears - his own failings.

The first in the new, DCI Jamie Carver Series, and Book One of The Worshipper Trilogy, LAST GASP is a novel of murder, deception, sexual intrigue, and human weakness. It is a story about one man's struggle to put the past behind him, and save those he loves.

ROBERT F BARKER is a former senior police detective. LAST GASP is the first in a series of gritty crime novels set in and around England’s Northwest featuring his resourceful but sometimes morally-ambiguous murder detective, DCI Jamie Carver.


“…an absolute treat for crime fiction lovers...”– An Amazon Customer, (5 Stars).

“…one of those page-turning books I could not put down until the end!” – Linda Leigh (5 Stars).

“Brilliant!” – Amazon Customer, (5 Stars).

Get in at the beginning, then buckle up and sit tight. There’s more coming, and you’re in for a heck of a ride! Scroll up to buy this book and start reading, today!

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Latest Reviews

  • Well Written

    By Cv3567
    Enjoyed the book. Characters are great. The plot is a bit too thick and ultimately predictable in some ways. In other ways, it becomes too twisted and lacks the background that would make it believable. Overall, it was definitely a page-turner, and I will certainly be reading more books by this author.
  • Last gasp

    By Anhuwrcni
    Awesome read, one of the best thrillers I have ever read.