Sub-Marine by Josiah Swanson


By Josiah Swanson

  • Publication Date: 2017-12-06
  • Genre: Fantasy

Book Summary

Two boys once lived by the sea in Josiah Swanson’s first printed book, Sub-Marine.  Set in the 1950's off the coast of Oregon, the novella explores the concepts of fear, trust, and courage.
The book opens with a charming description of Genoa, a little island which sits contentedly in the gloomy Pacific.  Mr Berkley, Genoa’s lighthouse man, watches over brothers Jack and Sam Wesley while their father, John, works as an engineer for Incandium Science Labs.  The motherless boys are fond of the easy-going lighthouse man, and learn much from him over the years.  Mr Berkley never married as he finds all of his joy in Genoa and its people.  Curious about their father’s work, the Wesley brothers constantly search for the company’s laboratory to no avail.
Upon receiving a severe storm-alert from a friend, Mr Berkley is frantic.  Being the island's appointed caretaker, the elderly lighthouse man prepares Genoa for evacuation.  But, a timely discovery of a note from John Wesley sends he, his godsons, and the rest of the island’s people on a thrilling adventure to the last-known safe haven: the undersea science laboratory known as the Sub Port.
Upon reuniting with their father, Jack and Sam discover that he working with the company's president on something in secret.  Although the refugees are awestruck by the incredible undersea residence, they are enveloped by a tense faculty.  As the situation at Incandium’s headquarter’s becomes disheartening, Jack must finally solve the mystery of his father and face the challenges ahead.

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