Annihilation by Alex Garland


By Alex Garland

  • Publication Date: 2018-03-12
  • Genre: Film

Book Summary

Following on from the success of his thriller, Ex Machina, Alex Garland returns to cerebral sci-fi with his adaptation of Jeff VanderMeer's cult novel -
a tale of a biologist attempting to uncover the mystery of her husband's disappearance into a restricted zone.
What she and her fellow scientists discover is a world populated by mysterious life forms that might offer answers, but which exposes them to madness and death.
Beside the screenplay, the book also includes 20 pages of behind-the-scenes photos.

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Latest Reviews

  • A mess

    By FineRedMist
    They kept so little of the original story that I’m left wondering what they liked enough about it to want to make a movie.