Condor by Sharon L Reddy


By Sharon L Reddy

  • Publication Date: 2011-06-06
  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Book Summary

There was something very odd about the world Belle. Rex Tucker had escaped it. He didn't know he had, until his captain warned him. He decided it was time Rex met an old friend.

"Her name is Logic Osterman and the training is full time until she tells you her company bedroom is for company and she has some coming, probably a good half-year. She had one student, a woman, who got out of the company bedroom in one hundred seven days. If that wasn't exceptional, she wouldn't have told me. You'll like her. She plays a mean game of poker."

He became Rhett Condorcet. No one in the founding family of Riley would give the same answer if asked why they all just began calling someone the Condor, but the world of Riley took note when they did. He had a home, a family and work he loved, but Belle was still looking for Rex Tucker. The beautiful redhead he'd been dreaming about for five years knew why.

About books by Sharon L Reddy, reviewers said:


"The author is a fine wordsmith who possesses a marvelous imagination."

Raven's Reviews:

"…unique, fast-paced style …allows one to read almost as fast as one can think."

"…romantic brain-candy… If you like almost any kind of men at all, you'll like hers…"

Mistress of the Dark Path:

"…you will also notice your mind is stimulated."

"…designed for a more educated and worldly crowd."

R. Cagle:

"I got hooked immediately."

Marji Holt:

"The characters came out of the books and into my dreams."

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