The Tempest by William Shakespeare

The Tempest

By William Shakespeare

  • Publication Date: 2011-07-01
  • Genre: Theater
4 Score: 4 (From 69 Ratings)

Book Summary

In exile on a remote island, Prospero has spent the past 12 years studying magic and plotting revenge against his enemies, Alonso, Antonio, and Sebastian. When all his usurpers pass nearby on the same ship, Prospero creates a storm to smash it to pieces and strand them on the island. Through the magic of his personal servant, the spirit Ariel, Prospero manipulates and terrorizes his enemies, building to a confrontation at the heart of the island in Prospero's domain. But in that time, Prospero's daughter Miranda meets and falls for Alonso's son Ferdinand. And Caliban, another of the island's inhabitants resentful of Prospero's rule, hatches a conspiracy with two of the stranded sailors.

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Latest Reviews

  • Miranda not Prospero

    By Templegirl323
    There is a mistake in this book. In Act 1, Scence 2, line 354 the line that starts with “abhorred slave” it is actually Miranda that says this and not Prospero.