Buchanan's Return by Pamela Toth

Buchanan's Return

By Pamela Toth

  • Publication Date: 2011-07-15
  • Genre: Contemporary

Book Summary



Kirby Wilson didn't know if she was more mad or grateful. In one shocking moment she had learned that she was adopted—and that she had two brothers she had never known about. The revelation brought her to bother Donovan's Colorado ranch. And brought her face-to-face with destiny….

No one would have ventured to fix Kirby up with J. D. Reese. Donovan's horse trainer was a loner, a proud Navajo who kept his feelings to himself. Kirby had already had her own share of disappointments; she'd sworn she'd given up on love. But somehow, the enigmatic horseman had captured her soul….

BUCKLES & BRONCOS. The Buchanans have always ridden alone—but love's about to change all that!

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