The Gazebo by Emily Grayson

The Gazebo

By Emily Grayson

  • Publication Date: 2012-04-24
  • Genre: Contemporary
5 Score: 5 (From 6 Ratings)

Book Summary

The Gazebo is an elegantly written story of enduring love and loyalty, in the popular tradition of The Bridges of Madison County and The Notebook.

Once a year for half a century, a man and a woman have been meeting at the gazebo in the square of a small town in upstate New York. Martin Rayfiel and Claire Swift long ago married other people, yet they have remained faithful to their vow to love each other always. When Martin, now a handsome, elderly man, walks into the office of the town newspaper and tries to tell his tale to the young editor Abby Reston, she is too busy to listen. But the next day Abby finds herself drawn to the gazebo to watch for the annual arrival of Martin and Claire. She waits and waits, but they don't come. Puzzled and intrigued, Abby finds a briefcase that Martin left behind for her, and in it--in photographs, papers, tape recordings, and mementos--is the entire astonishing story of Martin and Claire, a love affair that spanned the globe and somehow survived for fifty years.

The only son of the town's wealthiest family, Martin dreamed of being a world-class chef, while Claire, born of poor parents, hoped to be a sculptor. Despite their disparate backgrounds, and in defiance of small-town morality, they left everything behind and traveled together through Europe, until family allegiances suddenly and unexpectedly called Claire home. Before they parted, they vowed that, no matter what, they would meet at the gazebo once a year. Now it's up to Abby to find out what drove these lovers apart, why they continued to meet over the decades, and where they are now.

From the picturesque square in the center of a small town to the hotels, restaurants, museums, and boulevards of Paris, Florence, and London, Martin and Claire's story offers a voyage of discovery that transforms Abby Reston's own life. The Gazebo is a haunting tale of love and faithfulness that no reader will ever forget.

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Latest Reviews

  • A good find

    By V Rios
    Someone left this behind in the hospital lobby while I was visiting my mom and I was lucky to find it. Easy to read and a great love story... i was so excited to find it on IBooks so that I could recommend it to others. Enjoy!
  • This story sticks...

    By Rvvvvvvvventi
    I read this book many years ago and I still think about it. This story really sticks with you. I think I am going to buy the e-version of it, so that I could always have it near!
  • The gazebo

    By Lauren Miller
    I don't usually get into love stories but this book was my first and I loved it I read it in 2000 and still I recommend it to the anti lovers...awesome idea of love!