Wasao the Big Puppy by Takeshi Kudo

Wasao the Big Puppy

By Takeshi Kudo

  • Publication Date: 2012-01-26
  • Genre: Animals
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 569 Ratings)

Book Summary

Do you know Wasao? He is long coat Akita dog, and very famous in Japan. Because, He has unique appearance both cute and ugly. It's called Busa-kawaii in Japan. Also, he is a movie star. The movie "WASAO" made roadshow in seven countries in Asia. This e-book is photo-story of his true life.

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Latest Reviews

  • Cute 🐶

    By Maddy the Gangster
    This is acute story about Wasao
  • Wasco The big puppy 's story

    By Jesus0112
    I enjoyed this short iBook and wish to recommend it for young and older ones alike by giving it five stars.
  • Wasao the big puppy

    By Wasao #1 Fan
    This reminds me of the babe What babe? Babe with the power What power? Power of Voodoo Who Do? Wasao Do what? Remind of the babe I saw wasao crying hard as wassao could cry what could I do. He was crying cause chibi died it was sad.
  • LOVED IT !!!!!

    By Funkgirl123
    ITS THE BEST BOOK EVER !!!!!!!!! !!!!!
  • Awwww he's adorable

    By Peeing husky
    Wasko is truly a cute puppy! I was so sad when Chibi died! And I was sad I felt like I was gonna cry! Long live chibi! Thx for making this amazing book all though I think it could be longer! Wasko is a beautiful dog! I live with my own dog her name is Jamie! She not very big she is a chihuahua mixed with a terrier! I think chibi is a terrier? Oh my gosh I have been typing to much! Well bye for now!
  • Hurfhkcndivhfifijeklsxsodjce

    By Dbjtjcndjekdb
    This book is amazing
  • emotions

    By Harrison*5
    So sad and good at the same time
  • So sad

    By The hbest hfhurhurhc
    This book is really awesome and sad at the same time
  • Waso

    By The cute ugly one
    This a good book I recommend to you to read it over and over and over again until you die like chibi.I recommend this book to all viewers that read this book it has a good sense of humor.this book will make you cry.Chibi is a good teacher to Wasao because he teaches him how to survive. Chibi and Wasao are very good dogs .Chibi dies because of his age.Chibi is an old dog that has taught Wasao many many things that he needed to in the past.
  • Sad but nice

    By Draco407
    The book was sad and nice but...POOR CHIBI😭