Half by Nycolette M. Blanks


By Nycolette M. Blanks

  • Publication Date: 2006-01-26
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature

Book Summary

In the Ghettos of Philadelphia a place of violence and drugs lived Fran and her mother.  Fran was raised to be strong and not to let the streets bring her down. Her mother taught her to be better than her environment. Determined to get her mother and her now two children out of the ghetto, she gave up one to live the life of her dreams. Or so she thought. Whitney grew up having a privileged life not understanding her mothers drive. Fran tried to provide a happy and stable life for Whitney but she never forgave herself for giving up Myah. Whitney now a teenager discovers her privileged life is more of a dream than a reality. Whitney discovers that she is a minority and is not well accepted in her new school full of children from wealthy backgrounds with old money. She is especially hated and taunted by a girl in her class named Kate Lyn. A popular girl who constantly reminds her that her kind is not welcomed there. Vanessa a senior takes Whitney under her wing and teaches her the ropes of dealing with Kate Lyn and others like her. After the death of Frans mother things began to unravel and Whitney uncovers the truth of her mothers lies.   

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