A Noble Regard by Lindsey Brooks

A Noble Regard

By Lindsey Brooks

  • Publication Date: 2012-04-14
  • Genre: Historical

Book Summary

A Regency Romance, with passion, heartache, love, intrigue, action and sensuality, and very much more:

Lady Helena Lyndon was once wealthy, moving in the circles of the rich and influential, receiving respect from the elite of Regency society. Now, she has very little. After the death of her parents, the behaviour of her uncle was unforgivable. Her fiancé’s family left her in no doubt that she was no longer welcome, and her fiancé had gone away to fight the French. Their engagement was over.

But Helena’s uncle died in dubious circumstances and left behind massive debts. Helena lost everything, except a very small farm and just enough money to survive. And yet, someone tries to rob her on her way home, and much to her surprise it is her former fiancé who saves her, having returned injured from the war.
Her ex-fiancé wants her, and she wants him, but neither will admit it to the other and, perhaps, at first, not even to themselves. Worse, the conventions of polite society seem to be conspiring to keep them apart.

Someone wants something from Helena, and she has no idea what it is. She is in danger on her farm and, despite his best efforts, her ex-fiancé, Kit, is unable to protect her properly. But when she is summoned to London on a legal matter, everything changes for Helena – and for Kit.

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Latest Reviews

  • A Noble Regard

    By ol' curmudgeon
    A very good romance set in early 19th century England.