Mindjack Short Story Collection by Susan Kaye Quinn

Mindjack Short Story Collection

By Susan Kaye Quinn

  • Publication Date: 2013-07-25
  • Genre: Dystopian

Book Summary

When everyone reads minds, a secret is a dangerous thing to keep.
The Mindjack Series of novels explores a world where everyone reads minds… except one girl who can control them instead. This collection of novellas are companion stories that stand alone but illuminate the stories behind the favorite characters in the bestselling novels.

Novellas – Mind Games, The Handler, The Scribe, Keeper, The Locksmith
Deleted Scenes – two scenes from Free Souls
Flash Fiction – Leaving Gurnee, Seeds of Promise

Mind Games: Raf, a regular mindreader, wants to take Kira—the only girl in school who doesn’t read minds—to the mindware Games, but his friends have other plans.

Leaving Gurnee: flash fiction of a scene that occurs between Open Minds and Closed Hearts, told from Xander’s point-of-view.

The Handler: The first recruit in Julian Navarro’s mindjacker revolution threatens to derail his plans to ensure jacker freedom in a mindreading world.

The Scribe: Sasha Rimbali stopped using his mindjacking skill to erase souls in order to keep from going mad, but when a beautiful female jacker is threatened, he has to decide if there is any cause worth the cost of using his ability one more time.

Keeper: Seventeen-year-old Kira Moore is determined to be part of the second-chance mission to free her fellow mindjackers from FBI Agent Kestrel's secret prison, but Jacker Freedom Alliance leader Julian believes she's too valuable to risk in the operation.

Seeds of Promise: Anna Navarro, leader of the Jacker Freedom Alliance, spends her time in FBI Agent Kestrel's secret prison enduring his torments... and awaiting the time for her revenge.

DELETED SCENE: Kestrel’s interrogation

DELETED SCENE: Drinking the Water

The Locksmith: In a world filled with mindreaders, Zeph is a mindjacker who wants to stay hidden—even if it means the cute mindreader in his Latin class is forever out of his reach. He locks and unlocks minds for a ruthless mindjacker Clan in exchange for protection and the chance to have a normal life with his parents and little sister. But when a girl he doesn’t know reveals the existence of mindjackers to the world, Zeph is forced to make a choice: unlock—and ultimately destroy—the mind of a young jacker changeling… or turn his back on everyone he loves.

Susan Kaye Quinn is a rocket scientist turned speculative fiction author who now uses her PhD to invent cool stuff in books. Her works range from young adult science fiction to adult future-noir, with side trips into royal fantasy romance and middle grade. Her bestselling novels and short stories have been optioned for Virtual Reality, translated into German and French, and featured in several anthologies.

She writes full-time from Chicago, inventing mind powers and dreaming of the Singularity.

See her website for free stories, trailers, and links to social media.

young adult science fiction
• The Legacy Human (Book 1)
• The Duality Bridge (Book 2)
• The Illusory Prophet (Book 3)
• The Stories of Singularity #1-4 (Novella Box Set)
• Awakening (Stories of Singularity #5)

Kira's Story
• Open Minds (Book 1)
• Closed Hearts (Book 2)
• Free Souls (Book 3)
• Mindjack Short Story Collection, Novella Box Set (Book 3.5)

Zeph's Story
• The Locksmith (Book 3.9)
• Locked Tight (Book 4)
• Cracked Open (Book 5)
• Broken Wide (Book 6)...coming soon

sweet royal romance
• Third Daughter (Book 1)
• Second Daughter (Book 2)
• First Daughter (Book 3)

adult future-noir
• Season One
• Season Two

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Latest Reviews

  • Great Collection!

    By CrazyCluck
    Great collection of tales and deleted chapters in Susan Kay Quinn's Mindjacker series world. If you love the Mindjacker Series, this collection is a must read! Just make sure you have read the books she mentions before you read the short stories if you want the full benefit and to not spoil anything.