Wisdom from God by JAW

Wisdom from God


  • Publication Date: 2014-02-13
  • Genre: Spirituality

Book Summary

Jesse Williams has all the answers to all the questions, but what happens when a life-changing incident turns those answers to questions?

Despite the hand that life has dealt Jesse, he always felt under control. He was the one who decided his own fate. After the incident, Jesse is different, his life is different, and his ex-wife Desiree has certainly noticed. Can Jesse handle how he now sees things or will the old Jesse return? 

We all battle something or someone. We battle against people, we battle for money, and we even battle against nature. But the most intense battle of all is when you battle against yourself. See what battles Jesse’s life-changer will teach him in the uplifting novel Wisdom from God: The Jesse Williams Saga.

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