You Were Mine by Abbi Glines

You Were Mine

By Abbi Glines

  • Publication Date: 2014-12-02
  • Genre: Romance
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 274 Ratings)

Book Summary

Gossip is the ultimate currency in Rosemary Beach, but Bethy and Tripp have managed to keep one big secret to themselves.

Eight years ago, Tripp Newark was dating a rich girl he didn’t like and was on his way to Yale—and a future he didn’t want. The only way he could escape his predictable life would be to give up the money and power that came with his family’s name. And that’s exactly what he planned to do. At the end of the summer, he was going to ride off on his Harley and never look back.

That was before he met Beth Lowry.

It was only supposed to be a summer fling. She was a sixteen-year-old trailer-park girl who served drinks to his friends at Kerrington Country Club. They didn’t run in the same social circles. No one even knew they were friends, let alone lovers. Yet, for one summer, Bethy became his entire world.

But he couldn’t give up on his plan. He needed to leave Rosemary Beach, but he vowed he would come back for her.

Problem was, by the time he came back—years later than promised—it was too late. His cousin, Jace, had already claimed the woman he loved…

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Latest Reviews

  • Loved

    By AllaboutMeg
    Loved but wish it was a little longer! Was sad when it was coming to an end.
  • Abbi Glines proved me wrong!

    By Yvette Br.
    4.5 Stars I was one of those people who HATED Bethy because of what happened to Jace. I literally couldn't stand her and refused to read this book when it came up. But i have to say that I WAS WRONG! I loved Bethy and Tripp together. I think the main reason I was ok with them was because this takes place 2 years after Jace died and I liked how they still talked about him. It wasn't like they swept him under the rug and acted like Bethy's relationship didn't mean that much. Tripp and Bethy really talked about her relationship with Jace and I'm glad they made it so she still loved Jace and that he would always be her hero. I think Abbi Glines did an amazing job with their story. I loved how Tripp never gave up on her, even when she pushed him away. That is exactly what Bethy needed. I loved their chemistry. I honestly believe this is one of the best of the series (after Rush and Blaire of course). I can't wait to read the next book.
  • Yikes...

    By ReadRunKnit
    Most of the graphic scenes are between 18-year-old Tripp and 16-year-old Bethy. I had to skip through those parts because underage sex is gross, particularly in an adult novel. Just my opinion.
  • Left hanging

    By Nedj85
    I loved the storyline, but was left hanging at the end. To abrupt... I'm hoping for another book
  • love love

    By CamilleEh
    as usual the book is awesome...
  • Can I have Tripp??

    By Tunerchic77
    Anything that Abbi Glines touches turns to gold. I absolutely love every Rosemary Beach man!! With Rush and Tripp being number 1 and 2!! How could you not fall in love with Tripp. The protectiveness of each men just bring the lust out!! Im glad Bethy found her happily ever after! She deserves it.
  • Love love love

    By Chellequickreader
    Don't stop but it now and read it- if you like Abbi then here is to one more that you will keep your head in the book and on the characters. All of her books are amazing on their own and together they build a story of beautiful friends, couples, and life stories! Read and it will not let you down.
  • OMG

    By Nyferw
    I just loved this story and at times wanted to just cry for everything Bethy was going through. Tripp has the full meaning of first love and does he ever love Bethy. I can not wait to get more of all these couples in this series as never tire of them.
  • Wonderful but hope there is more

    By LatersBaby7
    I have been waiting for Bethy's story to be told and this book told the backstory well for both Bethy and Tripp. I just hope they get a second book like the rest of the couples we love so much. There is so much more to tell! Abbi, thank you again for a wonderful story. You never disappoint.
  • Loved it!!!

    By Big bull Akita
    Been waiting for this story!! It's still sad about Jace but I'm glad Tripp and Bethy found their happiness. A sweet story!! I really liked it a bunch!!