Never Too Late by Amber Portwood & Beth Roeser

Never Too Late

By Amber Portwood & Beth Roeser

  • Publication Date: 2014-08-21
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 210 Ratings)

Book Summary

When Amber Portwood debuted on MTV’s hit reality series 16 & Pregnant, no one could have predicted that the teenager from Anderson, Indiana with the dry sense of humor would go on to become one of the most controversial young celebrities in reality TV history. But soon after the Amber stepped into the public eye, her life spiraled into chaos.

From her struggles with anxiety, depression and addiction to her brutal onscreen fights with her boyfriend, Amber seemed a troubled young woman destined to destroy herself. And that was all before she shocked everyone by sending herself to prison for seventeen months!

But behind Amber Portwood’s shocking behavior is a story the cameras never captured. It’s a story of hardship and hope, of relationships torn apart by tragedy and addiction and put back together with strength, love and determination. After years of losing herself in a daze of sex, drugs and depression, Amber made the decision to stand up and do whatever it took to save her life, her family, and herself.

With her trademark honesty and dry sense of humor, Amber tells the real story of how she learned to deal with the demons that nearly destroyed her. Never Too Late sends a powerful message that no matter how far down a person might fall, it’s never too late to get back up and change the future.

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Latest Reviews

  • Never Too Late by Amber Portwood

    By Nick94gsr
    I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 only because I thought it was a little short. I finished it in only a few hours, but it was definitely a good read and really gives Ambers perspective and what was really going on with her during her very public downward spiral. I admire her bravery & strength in realizing her problems and admitting to herself she needed help and seeking that help with the best of intentions! Prison would NOT be an easy choice but it was definitely the best thing for her at the time and made her a better person as well as saved her life! So happy about where she is now and excited to see where she goes, I hope only the best things for her in her journey and thank her for being such an amazing inspiration to many struggling with the same demons. If you want to hear all the details and real story from the girl who lived it I highly suggest you read her book It's Never Too Late!
  • Never to late

    By vickietidwell@i
    You go Amber .,there is always light at t end of the tunnel and nothing stays the same❤️💝😜
  • It's never too late

    By Kimberly k pa
    I found the book very repetitive. I felt like we told one part of the story one way then described it in another way when the first way was fine. Words constantly being repeated. But overall good book.
  • Couldn't put this book down!!!

    By Heatherlee0789
    I watched Teenmom and also 16 and pregnant with Amber and never really knew what made her so angry. After I read this book I better understood her and got a great insight of her internal struggles. Couldn't put this book down! I recommend to anyone who loved the show or who just wants a great read!
  • I understand Amber Portwood now!

    By Hanger9191
    After reading "It's Never Too Late" you will finally understand the person in the orange jumpsuit seen in the tabloids and on MTV. I am glad she wrote this book because watching her on MTV and reading the crap in the magazines NEVER painted the real story of the young woman's life and the horrible struggle she was going through with her raging addiction. I was shocked at how far into the dark world of addiction she fell and happy she never lost her life to it. She will give the reader hope to know that anyone can change even if they have to go to prison to shape up. It's a relatively fast read that keeps the reader engaged throughout the entire book. God bless you Amber.
  • Strong woman

    By Monkmom07
    I have a completely different view of Amber after reading this book. Watching her on Teen Mom I thought she was just this crazy, angry, abusive person. It was interesting to read all the behind the scenes to give some understanding to why her behavior was so explosive all the time. She made the right choice to straighten up her life. Someday her daughter will really understand why she had to be away from her and will thank her. Amber is an amazing woman and has come a long way to say the least. She has a bright future. She is absolutely right it is never too late to turn you're life around.
  • Great Book

    By Krystyne69
    I like how she wrote a book about her life. All people ever knew her for was for her shows on MTV. We only saw what MTV wanted us to see. This explains why she did some of the stuff she did. I wish her all the best!!!
  • Never too

    By Bigmeg21
    I enjoyed the book although if you had watched the show you get the gist of what happened. I do admire her though for sharing her struggle. Many many people suffer from some of the same things she has dealt with and it does give you hope that things can change.
  • Hard to put down

    By Cindylovestoread
    This book doesn't really tell you anything you wouldn't already assume/know about Amber. Thanks to MTV. Not to mention the most used word is PILLS.... I applaud her accomplishments since being sober. I truly hope that she is able to do all the things she has dreamt of doing in her lifetime & that she is successful in doing them. God bless you Amber Portwood, girl you've GOT this! Show those haters you can make them hate for all the right reasons this time!! Get your rights back & shine!! •Cindy
  • Never too Late

    By Emily Jones
    I'm happy for the inspirational message the book sends, but disappointed in the lack of stories and insight it provides. Everything in the book was in the media or Teen Mom