Lose Wheat in 4 Weeks by Sonoma Press

Lose Wheat in 4 Weeks

By Sonoma Press

  • Publication Date: 2014-12-01
  • Genre: Diet & Nutrition
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 40 Ratings)

Book Summary

Break Free of Grains with Ease and Convenience From the creators of the New York Times best seller, Paleo for Every Day, this step-by-step detox plan will help you lose weight and improve health without sacrificing flavor or time. Take the edge off wheat withdrawal with delicious and satisfying favorites like Vegetarian Chiles Rellenos with Walnuts, Raisins, and Cheese or Zucchini and Yellow Squash Pasta with Toasted Hazelnuts and Lemon Vinaigrette. Lose Wheat in 4 Weeks offers everything you need to eliminate grains from your diet and add joy and simplicity back into everyday eating. • A practical 28-day meal plan with handy shopping lists and substitution guides • 150 mouthwatering recipes suitable for even the tightest budgets • Concise, easy-to-understand guidelines for following a grain free diet • Culinary tips and tricks for flexible meal preparation in 45 minutes or less

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Latest Reviews

  • great book and informative

    By jacky3106
    This book it great it very helpful It gives you alternative and it gives an explanations and step by step instructions in how to kick of your 28 day detox plan .If your looking into starting a healthy diet and get rid of wheat this is the book for you
  • Great Book To Kick Wheat

    By Betty Bite
    I enjoyed reading all of the recipes and everything was very easy to follow. I love how it gives you a wonderful grocery list for a whole week to be able to stay on track. Great for someone who maybe diagnosed with C.D. or other illnesses.
  • Lose Wheat is Neat!

    By Jenne Kopalek
    This book had me at the Pan-Roasted Pork Chops with Cherry Tomatoes. I love how it is sectioned to show an area of how to achieve success in going wheat free. It's hard to go wheat free but this book makes it easy with plenty of options that are not only salads. Although, the Spicy Thai Beef Salad is to die for! The chapters are broken down a bit differently but that's okay! It's wonderful to thumb through and find a section that is all vegan and vegetarian. For the meat person my husband is the simple scan over to the meat and poultry chapter is a hit! They only thing I would change about this book is more pictures. It's a personal opinion of how I love to see what the food is suppose to look like when it comes out.
  • Great Read Especially when confused about the big wheat deal!

    By asiababy83
    Ever since my mother stopped eating wheat I wanted to see what all of the hype was about and I was led to this book. I am amazed at the information I gathered from this book. After reading it I am on my way to healthier wheat free eating for myself and my family. You will be amazed at all of the side effects we don’t realize that come from consuming a lot of wheat. While this may not be the best choice for everyone you will definitely be able to make that choice after reading this book and trying some recipes!
  • Lose Wheat In 4 Weeks

    By grouchiegirl
    If you are looking for one book to read to help you go gluten free, this book would be an excellent choice. It is chock full of tips, guidelines, recipes and even weekly shopping lists to guide you through a 4 week elimination of grains. This 28 day detox plan helps you overcome wheat withdrawal symptoms and stay on track by easing you off of wheat and on to a much healthier style of eating.there are fun facts, helpful cooking tips and enticing pictures of the meals you will be making. After reading this book, I had a much more in depth understanding of the downside of gluten and why many people feel so much better without it. I loved the list of foods to avoid and the list of great ingredients.
  • Lose wheat from your diet!

    By MintaB
    I found this book very interesting as it had quite a different take on eating foods without wheat. Ingredients can be purchased at your own grocery store and most recipes take minutes to prepare. This book has recipes featuring dishes for morning, lunch and dinner. I can't wait to try the Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad with Smoked Bacon! Turns out that losing wheat in your diet is a good thing! This is a great reference for people that want to start a healthy eating style - without wheat!
  • Great book to start with

    By tiffaytes
    I'm borderline diabetic. When I first found out I struggled with finding what not to eat. After a lot of trials and errors I found grains increased my sugar levels and found it hard to get them back down after eating them. I lost a lot of weight quickly by cutting grains out so yes you can lose weight this way. I personally haven't followed the plan in this book but after reading it, I can say you can follow this book and lose weight from my own experience. This book contains a lot of information. It has everything you need and even a meal plan that's easy to follow and has all you need. You can even plan a shopping trip with ease. I and recommend to anyone looking to stop eating wheat.
  • Informative & Helpful!

    By Darlin' Deals
    This book is wonderful is you are looking to reduce the wheat in your diet. It offers suggestions of alternative food instead of just saying what not to eat. There is even a 28 day meal plan for an easy stepping stone to getting you started on your first month without wheat.
  • greatly informative

    By Mp1473
    I love grains, let me start off with that, I don't think i'll ever be able to cut them out of my diet but this book gives me hope, step by step instructions and some great recipies that I could try so it's not a lost cause. Honestly this book is informative and a great way to try a new health kick!
  • A comprehensive guide to wheat free living.

    By Sofapiamia
    This book provides a comprehensive guide to changing your habits and learning to live wheat free. This book is very informative and gives a step by step guide to break free from wheat. It gives detailed recipes for each week along with a shopping list. This book is perfect for beginners and is so helpful. A great book to have!