An airplane with 143 passengers hit the Florida River, no casualties

The Boeing 737, with 143 passengers, slipped off the landing runway in a naval base in Florida, the US, and hit the river, and there were no serious injuries in the crash, military authorities announced.

The plane, which flew from Guantanamo Bay in Cuba last night, with 136 passengers and seven crew members, flew into a fairly shallow river at Jacksonville Military Base in Florida. All passengers were evacuated from the craft.

According to Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, 21 people were taken to local hospitals for minor injuries and others were taken care of on the spot.

About 100 firefighters and rescue teams were mobilized due to this accident, local authorities said.

Television recordings show the plane partially immersed in the river, with no visible damage. The videos show the sign of Miami Air International.

“Everybody is alive and well, police and firefighters are fantastic,” wrote Mayor Jacksonville Leni Kari in Twitter.

The plane was transported by personnel from Guatemala’s military base and their families.

Officials have not yet said why the plane slipped off the runway.

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