Fitbit, Garmin, Apple: these connected watches that follow menstrual cycles

After Fitbit, Garmin joins connected watch brands to offer menstruation monitoring. The data is directly accessible from a dedicated application.

Garmin takes a step towards “women’s health”. The brand has just added a function of monitoring menstrual cycles to its connected watches. This allows aggregation of these data in the health monitoring application, to indicate to the user if its cycle is regular, irregular, or close to menopause.

In this way, Garmin intends to “respond authentically to the real needs of women,” the company said in a statement. The group joins Fitbit in the short list of connected watch designers natively offering such a feature. For its part, Apple highlights on its site the application Clue, for the Apple Watch and dedicated to monitoring its menstrual cycle.

Fitbit’s rule tracking tool, launched in March 2018, has been made available on Versa and Ionic watches. At the time, the company was making it possible for people with menstruation to better understand the links between their menstrual cycle and their health in general. The applications of Garmin and Fitbit include data as varied as the heart rate, the number of steps per day or sleep cycles, for those who have to keep the wrist device during the night.

These tools also find an informative role. In a study reported by Numerama, Fitbit noticed that 80% of the women asked did not know the number of phases in their menstrual cycle. And 70% did not know how to correctly indicate the average duration of a cycle.

Ultimately, the collection of such information via Garmin and Fitbit applications could enrich research databases and be a useful resource for gynecology.

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