Gp of Azerbaijan: The catastrophic reversal of Ricciardo

Straight off with Daniil Kvyat in the 33rd round of the Azerbaijani Grand Prix on Sunday, Australian rider Daniel Ricciardo (Renault) went all out of his way, hitting the Russian’s Toro Rosso. Both drivers gave up. And the Australian made his mea culpa.

He will certainly laugh in a few years. But this Sunday, in Baku, Daniel Ricciardo had no heart to laugh at. Because the Renault driver has probably experienced the most stupid abandonment of his career in F1. On the Baku circuit, where Valterri Bottas triumphed over Hamilton, the Australian made a mistake as a beginner.

On the 33rd lap, in the fight with Kvyat, he misses a turn, goes straight ahead and drives his Renault and Toro Rosso off the track. Nothing very serious except that the Australian, wanting to leave immediately, backed up. And hit Kvyat’s car, still immobilized just behind him. Both drivers had to give up.

“I do not really feel good”
“It’s my mistake, there is no one else to blame,” he explained, pained, at the microphone of Canal + I wanted to leave quickly, I did not realize he was behind me. I did not see it, it was a bit of an emergency after my mistake, I feel very bad for my team, for Daniil (Kvyat), he had to wonder what was going on. I really feel bad. ” Ricciardo will try to catch up in 15 days on the occasion of the GP of Spain.

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