Grand Prix of China: Verstappen insults vettel and Renault drivers

Furious at the very end of qualifying for the Chinese Grand Prix, Max Verstappen defeated Sebastian Vettel and Renault drivers. The German answered him.

Deprived of a last attempt to improve his time in Q3, and finally fifth on the grid of the Chinese Grand Prix, Max Verstappen unpinned Saturday. Furious, the terrible child of Formula 1 denounced in his way the actions of Sebastian Vettel and Renault drivers.

Like him, the German driver was looking to cross the timing line in time to negotiate his final quick lap. “They are assholes, everyone queues and they fuck all in the air,” said the Dutchman, accusing the German of having pushed unceremoniously.

Vettel explains his gesture
“Everyone makes their timing the same way, to have the same position.When we are at the end of the train, which was my case, it is quite difficult.When the team told me that I do not had only ten seconds to cross the timeline, I had to react, “defended Vettel, otherwise he would have been trapped.

The German driver, just like the Renault drivers, was in his right. Max Verstappen has remained true to his nature. Dutch is customary because of it. In November 2018, the FIA ​​had sanctioned two days of community work for jostling and insulted Esteban Ocon.

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