Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft: who has sold the most video game consoles for 25 years?

Sony and Nintendo announce very good sales figures for the PS4 and the Switch. But these two consoles are still far from the sales records of their elders.

The Japanese company announced this week in a statement: the Switch has already passed more copies than the Nintendo 64. His rival Sony says meanwhile he will soon have sold more than 100 million PS4 worldwide.

Unpublished figures? Not really if you look at the sales of video game consoles in the world in the last 25 years.

As we can see in the infographic above, the Playstation 2 and the Nintendo DS are still a lot ahead of current models with more than 150 million units sold for each of them around the world. Despite the success of its Xbox 360 (nearly 83 million units sold), Microsoft arrives behind all Sony consoles

However, the Playstation 4 can hope to exceed two of the biggest successes of Nintendo: the Wii (102 million) or the Gameboy (120 million).

In the next few months, new generation consoles will arrive, with an Xbox that could be released in 2020, and a PlayStation 5 expected for 2021.

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