Smartphones: Should you buy anti-wave accessories?

Sold in the form of patches to be glued to the back of the mobile or “protective” clothing, dozens of products are marketed to respond to the fear of waves emitted by our smartphones.

Infertility, memory problems, headaches, even cancers. The electromagnetic waves emitted by our smartphones are the subject of many fears, supported by the authorities like the WHO, which classifies them as “possibly carcinogenic” for the human. By the end of the 90s, European countries have introduced emission limits for our mobiles, in order to contain our exposure. Precautions that are not always enough to reassure. To respond to this anxiety, some merchants have launched products supposed to limit the waves to which our body is exposed. But their effectiveness is far from obvious.

Patches: artificial promises
They are found online or near the checkouts of some supermarkets. The patches “anti-waves” are sold about thirty euros. Their instructions are very simple: just stick them on the back of the mobile to see a large part of the waves stopped. Thus, several manufacturers promise exposure reductions of up to 60 to 70%, compared to the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), a legal limit based on the maximum emission level of a smartphone.

On paper, the promise is beautiful. In practice, it is based on a theoretical use, far removed from the reality of everyday life. The SAR is associated with the maximum amount of waves absorbed by the user (at the head) when using his mobile. This figure corresponds to the “worst case scenario”, in a context where the device emits the most strongly, for example when it hardly picks up the signal of a relay antenna.

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